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Overview on software that analyses texts and other sources of human communication




Welcome to Text Analysis Info.

Text Analysis Info is a free information source for information that deals with the analysis of content of human communication, mostly but not limited to text.

Several programs support the coding of different sources of human communication like audio, video, or chatroom files. Also software that supports the transcription of texts is listed here. This site and its former versions have been online since 1999.

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December 14th, 2015: Provalis Research has released WordStat 7.1. The software release includes a geographic information system (GIS) mapping and data editing module, allowing businesses to obtain insightful geospatial intelligence. Learn more....

September 29th, 2015: TLab plus has been released, a new re-engineered version that allows to analyse texts in any language that separates words by blanks and/or punctation. The demo, the user’s manual and the quick introduction are available at T-Lab 2015

April 15th, 2015: Quirkos has released version 1.1 of their easy to use qualitative analysis software for text data. New features include batch import of text files, and support for reports in non-latin scripts. More at www.quirkos.com.  

December 4th, 2014: Provalis Research has released a new version of its WordStat software. Some new features like a topic extraction took, a Link Analysis feature, and a new pattern-based named entity extraction feature were implemented. Learn more....

October 31st, 2014: textanalysis.info has a new structure now, especially the section Text Analysis Classified.

October 26th/28th, 2014: textanalysis.info is currently being extended, many software descriptions were added, such as CAT, CATMA, quintexA, QCAmap, more are to come. The audio/video section was deleted because most of the qualitative programs can work with it.

September 12th, 2014: textanalysis.info was updated, bad links were repaired, and the entries of some programs that do not exist any more were deleted. More information can be found in the appropriate sections.

March, 26th 2014: T-LAB Pro 9.1 was released, and new features are thematic analysis tools, quality indices, and pairwise document similiarity. More...